Chiusano’s Kensington Model Wins Awards

The Kensington model at the Orchards at Aura in Elk Township, NJ was recognized as the “Best Architectural Product Design – SF Detached Home -$350,000-$500,000” at the Builders League of South Jersey (BLSJ) 30th Annual Major Achievements in Marketing Read more


Square footage can be very useful when coming to a home buying decision. It can, however, be confusing and misleading. If you do not know how the square footage was calculated and what was included, a fair comparison of one house to another is not possible. So, what really is the “size” of a house?


The problem in answering that question is that there is no universally adopted standard to calculate square footage. It seems as though everyone measures it in their own way. “House area” means different things to different people. Sometimes the entire perimeter of the house on both floors is measured. This is a good place to start, but the square footage that comes about may or may not include stairs, basements, two story areas or garages.

And of course, all square footage is not created equal.
For example, a below grade basement with a low ceiling adds value, but most would agree not the same value as space above grade on the first or second floor. A better way is to list areas separately. For example, specify first floor, second floor and basement individually so you, as a home buyer, can better assess the space and your particular needs. Nevertheless, even if the areas are broken down, you should still ask what method was used to arrive at the square footage numbers. Read more

Habitat for Humanity-Spread the Word!!

Habitat for HumanityPLEASE SPREAD THE WORD
HABITAT FOR HUMANITY is currently accepting applications for the Affordable Homeownership Program. Individuals and families who earn $17,000 to $64,000 per year may qualify to purchase their own home in Burlington County for a 0% interest Read more