At Chiusano Homes, we believe that relationships and reputation for quality are as important to the homebuilding process as the construction itself. We constantly strive toward this goal, not only with our homebuyers but with our peers and the professionals in the real estate and building industry.



“ The past 11 years have proven my instincts correct. Purchasing a Chiusano home was the right decision. The quality build, timeless design and strategic location have not only supported my lifestyle needs; but, also my investment goals.”

Frank Heil

Chiusano Home Owner and Certified General Real Estate Appraiser




We were impressed by the willingness of the owners of the company to meet with us directly. Barbara and Jim Chiusano made us feel as if we were the very first people to purchase a new home from them.

Knowing that there was a family behind the company that took pride in its reputation and the quality of its homes was important to us. Everything in the home we purchased was carefully thought out to make our house a convenient and comfortable home for a family.

When it came time for us to choose optional items for our home, the Chiusanos and their sales staff gave us their honest opinion as to which options would add value to our home and which items would just add cost. They were even honest enough to suggest things that we could do more cost effectively.

Barbara and Jim went out of their way for us. When we suggested a change in one of the bathroom fixtures, Barbara Chiusano listened to us and, after doing her own research, agreed that the fixture I suggested was better and made that change- not just for us, but incorporated that change in all the homes at Ballenger Woods. Barbara was “amazing” and made us feel like her most important customer.

We had looked at other builders’ homes. Chiusano included more quality features as standard that were only available as options to be added to the basic home offered by other builders. For instance, where other builders were offering dual pane insulated windows, Chiusano was including the Andersen 200 series windows as a standard feature. The quality of the materials chosen by Jim and Barbara for their homes, including the cabinets, sinks fixtures, floors and crown moldings was better than that used in other homes we considered. Overall, we got much more value with Chiusano.

Another thing that impressed us about the Chiusano organization is the positive relationship they have with their superintendents and subcontractors. Jim told us that they have been using many of the same contractors that their father used when he started the business. This consistency helped them to provide a high quality home.

To sum it up, we chose a Chiusano home because of the family behind the company. This is a family that takes pride in the quality of the homes they build. Barbara and Jim put a lot of thought into every detail of the design of the home, the standard features they include and the quality of the materials they use in their homes. They were willing to work with us on a personal level to make sure that the house they built for us would work for us as “our home.” We believe we got more for our money with a Chiusano home than we would have with another builder. It’s been ten years and we couldn’t be happier with our home. We will be calling Barbara and Jim when we build our “empty nest” retirement home.”

– Dale and Kim Dagen

Chiusano Homeowners at Ballenger Woods, Egg Harbor Township




My firm has had the good fortune of working with Chiusano Homes since 2001. Throughout this time we have found Chiusano Homes to be extremely professional, considerate and conscientious. They communicate effectively with everyone involved and have a clear understanding of the complex process involved with land development and building in this region. They pay particular detail to the final product being delivered to their customers. Chiusano Homes is a client we always look forward to hearing from and working with.”

Richard J. Clemson, P.E., C.M.E.

James Sassano Associates, Inc.




The Chiusano Family (Chiusano Homes) are quality people with great tradition and values. They pass that on with every home they build. Jim, Barbara and John are practical, experienced and hands-on. It has been a pleasure working with them for the last 20 years and I look forward to many more. “Good People” that build a great home.”

Joe Duca

Concord Truss Company




As an experienced real estate broker, I have learned over the years to recognize true quality home construction. A Chiusano built home is at the top of my list when it comes to quality and value. So much so, that I have purchased a Chiusano home for my personal residence, as have some of my children. A quality Chiusano home will provide years of enjoyment as well as a great financial investment for the future.”

Eleanor McKenna, Broker/Owner

Pat McKenna Realtors

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