“Make our house your home”


We believe that a home is much more than an investment or a mortgage payment, more than a piece of ground and more than “sticks and bricks.” A home is that special place where you live your life, create your future and make unforgettable memories. Your choice of home and who builds it is one of the most important decisions you will make.

At Chiusano Homes, we understand the importance of “home.” The Chiusano family has dedicated generations and decades to building homes of value and quality in Southern New Jersey. Our experience, expertise and hands-on attitude have taught us that it is our privilege to build the house that becomes your home with each memory you create.


Why Choose Us?


You Get the Best of Both Worlds

Chiusano Homes combines experience comparable to a national homebuilder with the attention to detail of a local builder. Our longevity and reputation are attributed to a “hands-on” attitude and our ability to provide the buyer with value & quality construction in a place they are proud to call home.

The Benefits Of A New Home

At Chiusano Homes, we incorporate the latest technologies, construction methods, styles and customizations that help a buyer save money on the repairs and maintenance that typically coincide with buying an older, less efficient home. Buying a new Chiusano home also ensures that your home is built in accordance to the most recent building codes and regulations. Furthermore, a new home warranty will add an extra level of protection to make sure the home functions as expected. Our homes include stylish and functional kitchens, beautiful bathrooms and plenty of closet space. Older homes simply do not offer the same amenities, warranties, longevity or customization that new homes offer.


The needs and wants of all homebuyers are important to us at Chiusano Homes. Whether it is a large custom-built home or a townhouse, we are able to meet the needs of the buyer without sacrificing detail and quality. Our experience and ingenuity has allowed us to adapt to the shifts in demand that have occurred over the last 60 years. We believe that the real estate industry is in another transition period that will result in a more environmentally friendly home that provide open and flexible lifestyle spaces without sacrificing the amenities and conveniences that our homebuyers’ deserve.

Incorporating The Environment At All Levels

We understand the importance of designing a home that is compatible with and fully utilizes its surrounding environment. Our goal is to build homes using architectural accents and products that blend with the environment rather than overtake it.

We also understand the buyer’s concern for their impact on the environment. At Chiusano Homes we have the background and expertise to incorporate green elements into your home and to work with you to achieve your sustainability goals in the products and design of your home.